August, 2013

August 6, 2013
Ocean Shores, Washington

We took a road trip to Ocean Shores, Washington, U.S.A. for a couple of days.

It was extremely foggy when we went out onto Ocean Shores beach for a walk but there were several adult and juvenile Caspian Terns there so we had to try for some photos.

At the jetty we found Savannah Sparrows in the grasses.

Off in the foggy distance we saw a Marbled Murrelet; of course we have to have a record shot of it.

The sun lit a Grebe temporarily for a record shot.

A few Turkey Vultures landed in an evergreen tree near a parking lot where we stopped for a moment.

Ocean Shores near the southern point has a lot of deer. We saw over forty in two days and in less than three hours.

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