August, 2013

August 6th to 8th 2013

Some miscellaneous photos of our road trip which we couldn’t place in another journal are below.

The Seattle Space Needle from the freeway.

On the sixth, we stopped at the Interpretive Centre at Ocean Shores where we got directions to Bill’s Spit. Bruce got a nice American Goldfinch photo at their feeder. Here is a link to their website: http://www.osgov.com/interpcenter.html

Bill’s Spit was a lovely, lonely deserted beach.

While we were standing there looking over the beach a flock of Gulls came in.

A couple of Great Blue Herons flew in and almost had a bit of an mid-air mishap which turned out okay.

We saw a Caspian Tern in the flock of Gulls.

Several Whimbrels and Godwits flew in.

A few small Sandpipers flew in to join them.

The next morning at Bottle Beach in Westport we found several Semipalmated Plovers and tiny Sandpipers.

Historically, the residents of seaside towns used the beaches to commute between villages. The beach at Ocean Shores is considered a state highway and all of the regulations for highways apply. We found many people driving on the beach including police officers. “Sugar sand” is an area to avoid if you are going to attempt driving on the beach as you can bury your car up to the axle. Safety is of utmost importance as we saw children with sand castles and kites, dogs, people walking and lots of shorebirds among the cars along the beach. Dozens of cars and people with children were parked, playing or driving on the beach even in the dense fog. Here is a link to Beach Driving and Safety in Ocean Shores: http://osgov.com/police/beachsafety.html
On our last morning at Ocean Shores on the eighth, we drove out to the beach to have the experience of beach driving. We were amazed at the amount of cars and people in the dense fog.

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