August, 2013

August 27, 2013

We had a very serene few minutes with a lovely female Coyote at the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve today. It came out of the wild shrubs and grass, stopped and looked at us, checked out the surrounding area and slowly wandered down a mossy fallen log to the water below. It knew we were watching it from across the water but it sensed that we were not afraid or a threat to it so it decided to take a drink from the slough. While it was taking a drink, a Beaver came along and splashed loudly to warn others in the area of the Coyote’s presence. The Coyote looked up from its drinking and decided it was nothing to worry about and continued to drink. After a couple of minutes, she turned and walked slowly up the log until she got to the top. There, she turned part way to look at us, then marked the area and disappeared quietly into the grass from where she was first seen.

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