August, 2013

August 7, 2013
Westport, Washington

On the seventh, we drove to Westport, Washington which is not far away from Ocean Shores.

We drove to Westhaven Stste Park where we found dozens of Cormorants nesting on a structure out in the water and Brown Pelicans diving in the distance.

At Westport Harbour, we found dozens of Heerman’s Gulls resting near the wharf.

Brown Pelicans were also seen on the rocks below them.

When we went to a viewing platform nearby, we could watch the Brown Pelicans flying past us, each of them with their own Heerman’s Gull in tow. As each of the Brown Pelicans dived, the Heerman’s Gull would fly down with it in hopes of getting remnants of the Brown Pelican’s meal.

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