February, 2014

February 1st to 6th 2014

We went on our usual walks at the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve this week.

Black-capped Chickadees are always around. One has unusual white tail feathers.

Brown Creepers were seen in the forest.

Fox Sparrows were searching through moss and leaves for tree seeds and sleeping insects.

There were two Pied-billed Grebes on the North Lagoon.

Great Blue Herons flew past overhead; one had a vole in its beak.

Hooded Mergansers were on the North Lagoon.

Anna’s Hummingbirds were found near the Rotary Interpretive Centre feeders.

Every once in awhile, all the birds decide to visit the stream for a drink. There is safety in numbers it seems so we found several species visiting the Salwein Creek.

House Sparrows

Several Dark-eyed Juncos

Song Sparrows

Spotted Towhees were nearby waiting their turn.

We found a Red-tailed Hawk near the Salwein Creek.

Also, near the East Bird Blind, we found a Rough-legged Hawk.

We stopped in at the Rotary Interpretive Centre Gift Shop for nice chats with Val, Eileen, Karen, Leon, Gordon, Jean, Barb, Ann and Bev and enjoyed short visits with Rod, Bill, John, Don and Leona on the trails.

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