February, 2014

February 20, 2014
Blaine Washington

We took another drive to Semiahmoo Spit today; it was very nice with sun and a balmy 57 degrees Fahrenheit, such a change from our cool, damp weather in Chilliwack.

Off in the distance, there were hundreds of Brant Geese with other ducks when suddenly, some of the Brant decided to take off and fly closer to our position on the beach at Semiahmoo Spit Park.

At the end of the spit, we enjoyed watching the usual Common Loons.

A few Grebes were diving nearby.

Back at the beach, Gulls were enjoying meals of shellfish.

Killdeers were wandering the shoreline.

Northern Pintails were enjoying the shallow waters.

Back at the end of the spit, one more time, where a flock of over two dozen Black Turnstones were hanging out on some pilings with a few Gulls.

We enjoyed visiting with Walt while we were there and hearing about some of the birds he had seen.

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