February, 2014

February 22nd to 28th 2014

From the 22nd of February, we have had three days of heavy snow falling in our area and the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve was turned into a winter wonderland. The sun finally came out on the 25th and the birds started singing as if it were Spring.

Bufflehead Ducks were seen floating through the falling snow.

Black-capped Chickadees were relieved when it finally stopped snowing.

Double-crested Cormorants didn’t seem to mind the snow or icy snow-covered logs.

The resident Bald Eagles were not bothered by the snow and sat patiently near the Heronry on the Great Blue Herons’ first day back at their nests.

A Northern Flicker sat pondering its next move in the falling snow.

After the snow, we saw several Gadwalls in different areas of the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve.

Here is a female Mallard for comparison with the female Gadwall.

The Great Blue Herons took refuge from the snow and wind in the marshy areas of the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve. Roughly 50 Great Blue Herons returned to their nests on the 27th but the weather turned again becoming very windy and cold so they again retreated to the sheltered areas of the marshes. We have a separate journal of the Great Blue Herons on their nests on the 27th.

Dark-eyed Juncos found a few interesting things to eat in a mossy spot under an evergreen tree which sheltered them from the snow as well.

Steller’s Jays were seen after the snow in the sunny forested areas.

Song Sparrows are residents and they can take sun or snow without complaint.

A Wood Duck floated past a snow-covered bank with a Song Sparrow standing nearby.

Spotted Towhees are another resident bird taking the weather in their stride.

Varied Thrushes were seen visiting our area from the snow-covered mountains.

A Eurasian Wigeon was found on the South Lagoon one morning.

A white-striped White-throated Sparrow hunted for food under an evergreen tree near the edge of the path in the forest.

We visited the Rotary Interpretive Centre Gift Shop and enjoyed chatting with Val, Barb, Bev, Jean, Janet, Alice, Norm, Ann and Janet; we also enjoyed visits with Yonase, John, Rod, Dean, Leon, Ed, William, Mark and Dave on the trails.

Varied Thrushes and Canvasback Ducks were the highlights on a drive to Harrison Lake.

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