March, 2014

March 5th to 8th 2014

It was a very busy time at the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve over the last four days.

Bushtits were seen at the Salwein Creek Loop.

Several Double-crested Cormorants were seen as usual.

Bald Eagles were seen in a few different areas. We have included a young Bald Eagle from the Salwein Creek area and the resident adult Bald Eagles watching the Heronry.

Northern Red-shafted Flickers were seen in a few areas.

Fox Sparrows were seen in several areas.

Golden-crowned Sparrows were seen near the Rotary Interpretive Centre feeders.

Dark-eyed Juncos were seen in several areas.

Osoberry shrubs are starting to have small leaves.

There were two River Otters fishing near the Heronry.

American Robins were seen in many different areas.

Song Sparrows were numerous.

Spotted Towhees were seen in several areas.

We were surprised to hear that Janet, Zoey and Camille had seen an early Red-eared Slider Turtle which we managed to find on our way back from the Heronry.

American Wigeon were seen as usual.

The White-throated Sparrows have spent the winter here and are usually easily found.

We enjoyed visiting with William, Connie, Jeff, Rod, Rick, Janet, Ann, Leslie, Ron, John, Jon, Mary, Yonase, Zoey, Camille, Dave and Ken on the trails. We also visited the Rotary Interpretive Centre Gift Shop and enjoyed chats with, Leona, Karen, Gordon and Billie.

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