March, 2017

March 19th & 20th 2017

We enjoyed our usual walks at the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada.

Black-capped Chickadees were watching us closely.

Eurasian Collared-Doves are usually seen near the Rotary Interpretive Centre.

Young Bald Eagles and the resident Bald Eagles were seen near the Heronry.

House Finches in bright colours warmed up the cold day.

A Golden-crowned Sparrow was seen in a Blackberry shrub.

A Red-tailed Hawk flew over the Rotary Interpretive Centre.

The Great Blue Herons were busy at the Heronry.

Rick pointed out an Anna’s Hummingbird on the path to the Salwein Creek Loop and we found another near the Rotary Interpretive Centre in a Blackberry shrub.

A Trumpeter Swan was seen with a Canada Goose.

A Belted Kingfisher was seen in the distance.

Mallards are usually seen.

A Spotted Towhee stopped to check us out.

We went for another walk at Sardis Park.

Where several American Coots were nice to see.

A leucistic Canada Goose was seen with normal Canada Geese.

Mallards often approach closely at Sardis Park.

A male and a female Northern Shoveler were too busy trolling for food and preening to look up.

American Wigeons were also swimming on the pond.

March 19 Rain 36F (2.2C)
March 19 Sardis Park Cloudy 40F (4.4C)
March 20 Cloudy/Windy 44F (6.6C) Wind Chill 35F (1.6C)

We always enjoy seeing Linda with Cello, Dick M., Rick S., Danny from Washington, Ann, Hank, Jill and Rachel with Manny as well as Tanya and Rick on the trails.

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