March, 2017

March 21st & 22nd 2017

We had our usual walks at the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada. We cannot get out to the Heronry every day at the moment as gravel trucks are busy on the road.

Red-winged Blackbirds are seen on most days at this time of year.

Buffleheads were seen on the lagoons.

Double-crested Cormorants were seen as well.

A little Downy Woodpecker was seen near the North Lagoon.

A male Hairy Woodpecker was seen as well.

A young Bald Eagle was bothering the Great Blue Herons at the Heronry when the resident adult Bald Eagle flew over to give it a “lecture”.

The Great Blue Herons were busy at the Heronry, some were very concerned about the young Bald Eagle.

A Fox Sparrow was seen.

A few Golden-crowned Sparrows were seen.

House Sparrows can often be seen near the parking lot.

Mallards were seen along the way.

Osoberry shrubs are beginning to flower.

Cackling Geese were seen in the farm field near the Heronry, one of them had a wide white stripe on its breast.

Song Sparrows were seen both days.

Spotted Towhees were seen in the Salwein Creek forest.

Tree Swallows were seen near the Heronry.

Wood Ducks are looking for nesting holes in snags.

A female American Kestrel was seen along the trail.

March 21 Cloudy 44F (6.6C)
March 22 Cloudy 44F (6.6C)

We enjoyed chatting with Helmi, Ann with Cleo, as well as Krista on the trails and Camille, Jean and Bev in the Rotary Interpretive Centre Gift Shop.

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