June, 2017

June 7th & 8th 2017

We took our usual walks at the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada.

Red-winged Blackbirds sang as we walked along the trails.

We were getting close to the Heronry when in the distance ahead, a Beaver gave a great splash in the water. We wandered up to where the Beaver had splashed to find a Bobcat peering through the grass near where the Beaver had splashed.

Nearby a Wood Duck with ducklings calling loudly swimming back and forth which we find is a common thing for most ducks when a predator is near. There were a couple of male Wood Ducks watching for signs to flee. Many other Wood Ducks were seen with ducklings in other areas.

A Swainson’s Thrush was seen in the branches of a shrub close to the same area.

Daily life went on in the Heronry with adults bringing sticks and food to the nests while other adults were out finding food and sticks.

Meanwhile, one of the resident Bald Eagles was perched nearby.

Tree Swallows and Violet-green Swallows were seen perched on dead branches nearby as well.

Further away, Cottontail Rabbits were seen in many areas.

Cedar Waxwings were seen in many trees and shrubs along the way.

A male Yellow Warbler was seen near the parking lot.

A few male Common Yellowthroats were seen as well.

We took a walk at the Lickman Dike Road where we saw Lazuli Buntings.

June 07 Clear 61F (16.1C)
June 08 Rain 57F (13.8C)

We enjoyed talking to Kathy with Tula, Charlie with Jack, Terry with Bogie, Al with Dually, Larry, Fred monitoring the Heronry for the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve Society, Brenda with Finnegan, as well as Denise with Summer on the trail.

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