June, 2017

June 21, 2017
Manning Park

We enjoyed a drive to E. C. Manning Provincial Park after our walk at the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve today.

The Cinnamon Bear we saw last trip was in the same spot again. It is shedding its winter coat, when we saw it, it was attempting to escape from people trying to see it. We were parked in our car a good distance away to give it a chance to get away from the other people nearer to it.

On one short walk, we enjoyed watching a flock of Pine Siskins eating insects.

Nearby, a Red Squirrel was nipping the buds from an evergreen tree.

Wild Strawberries were in flower at Strawberry Flats.

Golden Mantled Ground Squirrels were seen on our way up the Alpine Meadows road.

Claytonia and Pasque flowers were blooming, while Columbian Ground Squirrels popped out of their burrows to check out the people walking by.

Chipmunks were seen in the Alpine Meadows.

A few Dark-eyed Juncos were seen.

Yellow-bellied Marmots were seen on rocky slopes.

A Yellow-rumped Warbler was seen for a moment.

A large number of Pikas were busy with their daily routines. The wind was ruffling their fur to show the dark colours underneath. A new experience for us was watching them enjoying themselves in the grassy area near their home.

June 21 Mainly Cloudy 51F (10.5C)

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