August, 2017

August 15, 2017
Blaine Washington

We enjoyed a drive to Blaine, Washington, U.S.A. for a day at the sea shore.

Young Harbour Seals were seen with adults on a breakwater while other Seals were seen swimming in Gray’s Harbour.

Sea Stars were seen on pilings under piers.

Double-crested Cormorants were seen flying to and from their rookery or paddling about in the water and diving for fish.

Click below to see a short video of a Double-crested Cormorant.

Purple Martins are nesting in the nest boxes provided for them.

Rock Doves were seen on the piers.

Several small Skipper butterflies flitted around our feet while we were photographing a Spotted Sandpiper.

A tiny Western Sandpiper surprised us as it was all by itself and blended into the rocks so well that we just about stepped on it.

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