August, 2017

August 20, 2017

We enjoyed our usual walk at the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada.

The shrubs and trees were hopping with migrating birds today. Black-throated Gray Warblers peeked through leaves, stretched and hopped around checking for insects in every nook and cranny.

A Lazuli Bunting was seen for a moment, deciding which shrub might have the best food.

Nearby Western Tanagers were inspecting branches and leaves.

At least two Red-eyed Vireos were included in the group, as well as their cousin, a Warbling Vireo.

Common Yellowthroats and Yellow Warblers were bouncing around together. The Yellow Warblers were far more active.

Migrating Willow Flycatchers rounded out the group, increasing the number we usually see.

Black-capped Chickadees were the hosts, the migrants followed their lead to find insects.

A flock of Bush Tits was seen as well.

All this activity brought a Cooper’s Hawk to see what the action was.

Cedar Waxwings were nearby.

House Sparrows are usually present.

A White-crowned Sparrow showed up as well.

Meanwhile, the young fledgling Osprey females were playing a game of tag. They would fly together, one would land on a branch and the other would try to tag it. We have seen the same two play this game a few times this week. We think the game is called “avoid the predator” ;-)

August 20 Clear/Cloudy 53F (11.6C) Afternoon 85.5F (29.7C)

It was nice to see Charlie with Jack, Terry with Bogie, Kathy with Tula, Sue and Ulla, as well as Alyson and Randy with Chesney during our walk.

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