August, 2017

August 21st to 23rd 2017

We enjoyed our usual walks at the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada.

Click below to see a short video of Coyote and River Otter.

One morning a Downy Woodpecker was seen at the entrance gate.

Great Blue Herons were seen almost every day.

Beavers were seen almost every day.

Belted Kingfishers were seen on two days.

Mallards flew overhead to land in the slough.

An Orange-crowned Warbler was seen in the distance.

The male Osprey brought fish to the nest which got the fledglings very excited.

Several River Otters were seen on the 23rd. They were across from the Rotary Interpretive Centre, enjoying time together.

Two Coyotes were seen looking for rodents in the farm field across from the Heronry. One of them was a “Coydog” (part Coyote, part dog), the other was a pure Coyote.

August 21 Clear 53F (11.6C) Eclipse of Sun at 10:22AM 66F (18.8C) Afternoon 91.9F (33.2C)
August 22 Clear/Foggy 54F (12.2C) Afternoon 92.7F (33.7C)
August 23 Clear 58F (14.4C) Afternoon 82.4F (28C)

We enjoyed seeing Charlie with Jack, Terry with Bogie, Jill and Rachel with Manny, Kurt with Virgil, Brenda with Finnegan, Paul, Sue, Alyson with Chesney, as well as Casey with Ula during our walks.

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