October, 2017

October 10, 2017
Coyote Part 1

We were photographing a Beaver enjoying snacking on Water Lily leaves when it stopped and sniffed the air. The Beaver took to the water where it splashed a warning to all the other creatures. There was a Coyote in the area. We watched her as she wandered along the banks stopping every so often to look behind her. She was very aware of our presence across the slough. She did not appear to feel intimidated by us.

Click below to see a short video of Beaver and Coyote.

She was the leader, her mate finally came into view. We like to refer to him as a “Coydog”. He has genes of both Coyote and domestic dog in him. He is a second generation. He was also very aware of us being across the slough. He did not appear to be worried about us.

We watched as several Mallards and the Beaver gathered in the water to follow the two of them as they made their way along the shoreline.

The male found something of interest on the ground. The female carried on, looking back every so often to make sure he was following. He picked it up and found a spot to lie down with it.

The female carried on climbing up and over one of the Beaver’s lodges. The male followed along after her.

The female was quite a distance ahead of the male so she sat down for awhile until he got closer.

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