October, 2017

October 10, 2017
Coyote Part 2

The female Coyote was sitting waiting for the male to catch up to her.

The male was quite far behind as he was exploring as many areas as he could. The female carried on, looking back every so often to make sure he was following.

The male finally caught up with the female. The Mallards were still following along on the water. The Coyotes were not interested in the Mallards at all.

There was a Cooper’s Hawk in a tree that had toppled over on an angle. The female Coyote climbed up the tree trunk to take a look at the Hawk while the male Coyote looked up at her. The Hawk left for safer ground and the female Coyote joined her mate to explore more.

The two used a large log to go across the water in one area where they met up for a short time.

To end our walk with the Coyotes, some dog walkers came along, so the Coyotes decided to head into the forest to avoid them.

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