November, 2017

November 5th & 6th 2017

We enjoyed our usual walks at the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada.

The feeder count group told us they had seen White-winged Crossbills near the Rotary Interpretive Centre October 4th so we were happy to find a small flock of them on October 5th in a couple of Alder trees just below the Rotary Interpretive Centre. We also saw a larger flock on October 6th so we gave them a separate journal.

Spotted Towhees, House Finches and Dark-eyed Juncos were seen in blackberries, where they find protection and nourishment.

A flock of Golden-crowned Kinglets were seen.

Pine Siskins were seen in Alder trees.

A few Lesser Scaup were seen.

A few Ring-necked Ducks were also seen.

Green-winged Teal were seen as well.

Buffleheads were paddling along on the lagoons.

November 05 32F (0C) Wind Chill 25F (-3.8C) Afternoon 37.7F (3.1C)
November 06 Clear 30F (-1.1C) Wind Chill 23F (-5C) Afternoon 42.6F (5.8C)

We enjoyed seeing Randy with Chesney, Warner, as well as Brenda with Finnegan on the trails.

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