February, 2018

February 15, 2018
River Otter

We were happy to watch a River Otter at the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve this morning.

Click below to see a video of a River Otter.

When we came across the River Otter, it was lounging on a log, enjoying a fish. Soon, the morning sun touched the River Otter showing some steam rising from its back. With the sun behind the River Otter, the steam became increasingly visible.

After this, it rested for a moment near another log. Then it proceeded to catch another fish, climbed onto a log to enjoy it.

After finishing that meal, the River Otter found a snow covered log to loll about on for awhile. The snow was so frozen there wasn’t a mark of the River Otter in the snow. It decided to catch more fish and used this log for its latest meals. Occasionally, people, some with dogs would walk past and the River Otter would become motionless until they moved by.

We left it enjoying a restful moment after its meal on the snowy log.

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