April, 2018

April 24, 2018
Blaine WA Part 1

We took a drive to Blaine, Washington, U.S.A. today where we could get a walk on the Pacific Ocean shorelines.

Apple blossoms were in full bloom.

Bufflehead Ducks flew past the pier.

Common Loons fished the waters of Drayton Harbour.

Northwestern Crows called to others.

Common Goldeneyes paddled together.

A Horned Grebe and Red-necked Grebes were diving for fish.

Killdeers were seen foraging for food.

Rock Doves were seen on the pier.

A Savannah Sparrow was seen in the grassy area.

Incredible Surf Scoters were seen near the pier.

Further down the shore, we also came across several White-winged Scoters diving for shellfish.

Barn Swallows were seen perched on fences.

Whimbrels were seen in two different areas.

April 25 Clear 48F (9C) Afternoon 77F (25C)

We enjoyed chatting with Andrew https://www.flickr.com/photos/seaotter/ while we were at the pier.

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