April, 2018

April 24, 2018
Blaine WA Part 2

We enjoyed a walk along the shoreline of the Pacific Ocean in Blaine, Washington this morning.

There were a few shorebirds visiting as they migrated to their nesting sites in the north. We always give them the space they need to feel comfortable and not threatened as they have travelled a long way and have much farther to go to their destination.

Black-bellied Plovers strolled through the barnacle covered rocks, dining on many interesting tidbits.

A flock of Sanderlings and one Dunlin flew past swirling around and landing nearby. We loved watching them preen, bathe and snack on whatever Sanderlings and Dunlins like to eat.

We also watched a small flock of Black Turnstones arguing and foraging along the shoreline as well.

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