July, 2018

July 10, 2018
Manning Park Part 1

We took a drive to Manning Park today.

There are always a lot of Columbian Ground Squirrels at the lodge and today there were a lot of young kits with them.

Clark’s Nutcrackers are usually seen at the lodge.

While in Manning Park we saw Delphinium Nuttallianum, Linnaea Borealilis, Pasque Flower and Mountain Heather blooming. Many other beautiful Alpine flowers were also blooming.

A Red-breasted Sapsucker was seen at Beaver Pond.

A fledgling Yellow-rumped Warbler popped up near us.

We were lucky to see Hermit and Swainson’s Thrushes.

A Red Squirrel hopped onto a log to watch us.

An American Robin carried food for nestlings.

A Western Tanager was seen nearby.

A female Mallard rested on a log near her young ducklings nestled on a grass covered log.

A Lincoln’s Sparrow sang, paused and sang again nearby.

On the way up the road to the Alpine Meadows we saw quite a few Golden Mantled Ground Squirrels.

Two fledgling Common Ravens were seen at the Heather Trail.

A little Chipmunk and a Yellow-bellied Marmot were seen in a rock pile.

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