October, 2018

October 10, 2018

We enjoyed our usual walk at the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada.

Although, we had other things on our agenda this morning, we had time to take a short walk.

A flock of 9 Snow Geese flew past and landed in a nearby field but took off soon after many trucks drove past.

We enjoyed watching the little Mandarin Duck who is totally at home with the Mallards and Wood Ducks. Still, it is aloof and if another duck gets too close, the Mandarin will strike out at it to keep it at “wings length”.

Click below to see video of the Mandarin Duck.

October 10 Clear 49F (09C) Afternoon 70F (21C)

We enjoyed seeing Liz and Gordon with Boomer, Melinda with Bosley, Alyson with Chesney, Larry, Den with Marshall, Debbie with Loka, Paul and Rod, Jean and Bev on the trails.

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