June 2019

June 18, 2019
Manning Park

We took a drive to E.C. Manning Park today.

Chipping Sparrows were seen in a few areas on the Heather Trail.

Chipmunks were seen in several areas.

The Alpine views are always amazing.

Flowers were blooming everywhere along the trails from high in the alpine to the lower levels.

Anemone or Windflowers along the Heather Trail.

Unidentified buds along the Heather Trail.

Wild Columbine at Strawberry Flats.

Columbian Lilies at Beaver Pond.

Paintbrush along the Alpine Road.

Penstemon along the Alpine Road.

Nootka Rose at Beaver Pond.

Wild Strawberry at Strawberry Flats.

Song Sparrows, a White-winged Crossbill and several Pine Siskin were seen at Beaver Pond.

A Tree Swallow was in and out of a Birch Tree nest feeding its young at the parking lot of the Pinewoods Restaurant area.

Columbian Ground Squirrels are very friendly at the Pinewoods Restaurant area while the ones on the Heather Trail keep to themselves.

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