June 2019

June 18, 2019

During our visit to E. C. Manning Park we always stand in front of piles of boulders watching patiently for Pikas. Eventually, if we have enough patience, the Pikas will start to call and move around making them more visible. This time a Turkey Vulture flew overhead causing quite a commotion among the little animals. There was a lot of calling and alarm sounding until the Turkey Vulture flew away.

This time while we were watching the rocks, a Bushy-tailed Wood Rat popped out of one of the Pikas homes and ran across the rocks. Hopping in and out of several of the Pikas hide outs, the Bushy-tailed Wood Rat had us mesmerized.

Although the Bushy-tailed Wood Rat was interesting, we still find the Pika most interesting of all.

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