June 2019

June 24, 2019
Coyote Pups

We were surprised to see a female Coyote with three pups this morning at the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve. When we first saw them, we could see the female watching us the cover of several plants. Soon, we saw one pup crawl up to get closer to its mother. Right behind the first pup was another in close pursuit. The first pup climbed past its mother onto the top of the fallen log they were on. To our surprise, another pup came out of the undercover to make three pups with their mother.

The pups had different personalities. The one on the top of the log was out going and curious. The next one out of the cover was a bit curious but not as brave as the first pup. The last pup out was more adventuresome. After coming out for awhile to see the people, it turned around and went off to play by itself.

The female was unconcerned about us watching them as we were at a distance which gave them space to escape if they wanted. The female eventually lay down to sleep while her pups played in the forest below.

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