March 2020

March 2, 2020
Great Blue Heron & River Otters

We were wandering along the trails at the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve when we came across a couple of River Otters. We were enjoying their activities when we noticed them getting close to a Great Blue Heron. We thought the Great Blue Heron would take off when the River Otters got too close. The River Otters never got close enough to bother the Great Blue Heron, but we were surprised when the Great Blue Heron hopped in closer to watch the River Otters. The Great Blue Heron kept following the River Otters and was fortunate to benefit from the River Otters movements. The Great Blue Heron would watch and wait, then lean out to grab quite a few fish as they fled away from the River Otters. The more the River Otters played and fished together in the water, the more fish the Great Blue Heron was able to catch. We carried on our way down the trail. On our return, we were surprised to find the Great Blue Heron still following the River Otters around their fishing hole.

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