July, 2013

July 1st to 4th 2013

We enjoyed our walks as usual at the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve.

Great Blue Herons were seen as usual.

There was a Peregrine Falcon in the distance.

The resident Osprey were busy at their nest.

Barn Swallows were seen.

We enjoyed chats with Jon, Mary, Janet, Jenny and Muriel.

We took a drive to Harrison Hot Springs on the 2nd of July where we saw Caspian Terns flying overhead.

A Lorquin’s Admiral Butterfly was seen.

Ring-billed Gulls were lined up on the sand.

A Cedar Waxwing was also seen.

We took a drive to Manning Park on the 3rd.

A Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel at the Cascade Lookout was taking advantage of some tourists with peanuts.

Several Comma Butterflies were seen.

Columbia Ground Squirrels were at Lightning Lake and the Lodge.

Clark’s Nutcracker’s were seen.

Ravens were seen at the Cascade Lookout.

We saw a few Cedar Waxwings.

Pikas posed for photos.

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