September, 2013

September 24th & 25th 2013

We enjoyed our walks as usual at the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve.

Black-capped Chickadees are usually present.

The resident Bald Eagles were around today.

To hear the Bald Eagles calling click below.

A little Flycatcher stopped for a few moments on its way south.

Great Blue Herons were seen perched in different areas.

House Finches are usually present.

An Eastern Kingbird was seen fly catching near a trail.

A Lincoln Sparrow was seen nearby.

A Peregrine Falcon was seen perched in a tree, later on it flew past with a duck for lunch.

Several Savannah Sparrows were seen along the trails.

Northern Shovelers were found on logs.

A Western Tanager was fly catching near the Rotary Interpretive Centre.

White-crowned Sparrows were seen along the paths.

A large flock of White-throated and Vaux’s Swifts were seen catching insects over a farm field next to the Heronry. This is a composite of two White-throated Swifts in the distance.

Wood Ducks were seen in full winter outfits.

Yellow-rumped Warblers were seen passing through our area.

We enjoyed chatting with Dave, Rod, Dean, Mary, Jon and Guy on the trails and stopped in at the Rotary Interpretive Centre Gift Shop for nice visits with Val, Barb, Janet and Dick.

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