April 2020

April 18, 2020

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We enjoyed watching an adult and juvenile Beaver this morning. After they had some time together, the older Beaver made its way up the muddy bank to the newly wind fallen tree for a snack on the bark.

We found it amazing how the Beaver twisted its body to reach under the log in order to eat the bark on the underside of the log.

We were surprised at the agility of the Beaver climbing onto the larger log so that it could reach the bark above.

The Beaver turned and wandered down the larger log to a place where it could reach out to grab a branch from the other log. Again, we were amazed at the balance and agility of the Beaver while it stretched out to the branch. The Beaver leaned out as far as it could to work on the bit of branch.

The Beaver then wandered back up the log and got off for awhile, then climbed back onto the larger log again. It looked at the smaller log for some time then turned away.

After awhile, the Beaver decided to get onto the log crossing over the older log. The Beaver sallied its way along the log, enjoying eating some of the bark as it went.

Soon, it decided to leave the log by dropping onto the ground and came down the muddy bank toward us so it could have a moment grooming before bed.

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