April 2020

April 19, 2020
Bobcat Part 1

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While we were taking our walk at the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve, we could hear Northwestern Crows calling in distress over something. When we looked around to find what the predator was, we were delighted to find a Bobcat sitting beside a very large log. The Bobcat was content to sit there to outwait the Northwestern Crows which had lost where the Bobcat was in hiding.

While we stood there, six dog walkers came past with seven dogs. The Bobcat was very aware of us and the people who stopped to talk (at a socially acceptable distance from each other). Every time, someone came along with a dog or two, the Bobcat would take notice but not be disturbed. Everyone got a cell phone photo of the Bobcat and continued on their way. No large groups formed.

The Bobcat showed boredom a few times by yawning. Occasionally, it would show interest in some insect nearby. Often, it would turn to look for the Crows.

Continued in the next journal.

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