June 2020

June 20th to 23rd 2020

We enjoyed our usual walks at the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada.

When we first arrived, a Deer surprised us, walking down Sinclair Road. We were on the dike road above it. It was not worried about us as it continued along the road past the parking lot. It wandered up the hill and disappeared in the distance.

Two Beavers were seen.

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Bushtits were seen in a large flock.

One of the Marsh resident Bald Eagles was seen on its favourite perch.

Willow Flycatchers were seen as usual.

A male Belted Kingfisher spent time eating a fish.

Cottontail Rabbits were seen as usual.

Cedar Waxwings were seen along the way.

Wood Ducks and ducklings were seen.

Male Common Yellowthroats were seen in many spots.

We took a walk down the Lickman Dike Road.

Savannah Sparrows were seen as usual.

Tree Swallows were at their nest boxes.

Common Yellowthroats are usually seen.

June 20 Cloudy 62F (17C) Afternoon 66F (19C)
June 21 Cloudy 58F (14C) Afternoon 69F (21C)
June 22 Sunny 54F (12C) Afternoon 82F (28C)
June 23 Cloudy 58F (14C) Afternoon 79F (26C)

We practiced social distancing with Charlie with Jack, Terry with Bogie, Terry and Jamie, Alyson and Randy with Chesney, Liisa with Vito, Lisa, Abby, Neal, Dean, Melinda and Rob with Bosley, Rick S., Doug from Greendale Herb and Vine during our walks.

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