March 2021

March 1, 2021

We enjoyed our usual daily walk.

A Skunk surprised us, when it appeared and started to walk toward us before it crossed the road and headed on home.

A Bewick’s Wren was busy looking for insects and interlopers in the Blackberry bush which is its home.

American Coots were seen along the way.

Off in the distance, a Coyote rested in the grass.

An American Crow (formerly known as a Northwestern Crow) was playing with a stick on a picnic table.

The Great Blue Herons were happily nesting in the heronry.

A Lincoln’s Sparrow was seen hiding in Blackberries.

Song Sparrows were singing.

Wood Ducks were checking out nesting areas.

March 01 Cloudy 37F (03C) Afternoon 50F (10C)

We practiced social distancing from Charlie with Jack, Terry with Bogey, Werner and Leona, Christa during our walk.

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