March 2021

March 8th to 11th 2021

We enjoyed our usual daily walks.

A Beaver paddled along.

Red-winged Blackbirds were seen.

Large flocks of Cackling Geese landed in the farm field.

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A Greater White-fronted Goose accompanied the Cackling Geese.

Northern Flickers were seen most days.

Common Mergansers were seen as usual, at this time of year.

Great Blue Herons were seen fishing and in the heronry.

Eurasian Collared-Doves are usually seen.

Ring-necked Ducks were seen as usual at this time of year.

American Robins were seen in many places.

A little Ruddy Duck was seen enjoying diving with the other ducks.

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Pine Siskins were seen in a few spots.

Two White-throated Sparrows were seen near the Rotary Interpretive Centre feeders.

Wood Ducks were seen as usual.

March 08 Sunny 34F (01C) Wind Chill 29F (-02C) Afternoon 59F (15C)
March 09 Sunny 34F (01C) Wind Chill 29F (-02C) Afternoon 57F (14C)
March 10 Sunny 32F (0C) Afternoon 47F (08C)
March 11 Sunny 33F (01C) Afternoon 56F (13C)

We practiced social distancing from Charlie with Jack, Terry with Bogey, Lisa, Melinda and Rob with Bosley, Cathy with Tula, Werner, Liz and Gordon with Boomer, Reg, Brian, Christa, Beverly with Mogli and Sampson, Sue and Lisa with Maggie, Ron with Ginny, Darlene during our walks.

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