March 2021

March 19th to 21st 2021

We enjoyed our usual daily We enjoyed our usual daily walks., many of the usual suspects were seen.

Wood Ducks and Mallards.

Green-winged Teal.

Common Mergansers.

Ring-necked Ducks.

Great Blue Heron.

Canada Geese.

American Robin.

Dark-eyed Junco.

American Crow.

Bald Eagles. While we were talking to Sue, Chris and Ron a Bald Eagle flew past with a Muskrat in its clutches.

March 19 Cloudy 42F (06C) Afternoon 54F (12C)
March 20 Cloudy 42F (06C) Afternoon 50F (10C)
March 21 Cloudy 40F (04C) Afternoon 44F (07C)

We practiced social distancing from Charlie with Jack, Terry with Bogey, Ron with Ginny, Melinda and Rob with Bosley, Janet and Mercedes doing a bird count for the Great Blue Heron Nature Society, Chris, Ron and Sue, Alyson and Randy with Chesney, Maryanne with Lula, Tina with Disney and "Pork and Beans", Katie and Doug from Greendale Herb and Vine during our walks.

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