September 2021

September 9th to 12th 2021

We enjoyed our usual walks at the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada.

A Raccoon was fishing near the edge of the water.

Yellow Warblers were seen in a few areas.

Yellow-rumped Warblers were also seen.

Willow Flycatchers were seen.

A Greater Yellowlegs flew overhead during one of our walks.

Lincoln’s Sparrows were seen during a couple of walks.

A few Cottontail Rabbits are usually seen.

We watched a Peregrine Falcon chase a young Great Blue Heron. The Great Blue Heron out-manoeuvred the Peregrine Falcon to live for another adventure.

American Coots were seen with Mallards, Wood Ducks and Green-winged Teal.

Canada Geese were seen as well.

September 09 Sunny 60F (16C) Afternoon 87F (31C)
September 10 Cloudy 56F (13C) Afternoon 74F (23C)
September 11 Cloudy 58F (14C) Afternoon 66F (19C)
September 12 Heavy Rain 60F (16C) Afternoon 65F (18C)

We practiced social distancing from Charlie with Jack, Terry with Bogey, Alyson with Chesney, Tove and Barry with Benji, Carol with Lincoln and Winston, Liz and Gordon with Boomer, Arnold, Mick with Roscoe, Reg and Pat, Beverly with Mogli and Sampson, Darlene, Maryanne with Lula, Tina with Disney and "Pork n Beans", Leona and Werner, Patrick with Sal, Mick with Roscoe, Dick, Carolyn and Lance during our walks.

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